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Have your say on interoperability

Together, GMG and METS Ignited are hosting events across Australian to hear how interoperability is affecting Australian METS businesses.

Interoperability of mining equipment and systems is a top priority for the international mining industry.

Interoperability is seen as a necessity to maximize the capability and benefit of mining automation, integration, and data analytics. It is a requirement to enable the integration of new technologies and systems into the mining landscape. Mining interoperability will open innovation avenues for SMEs to grow their business – and their impact – within the sector.

This project aims to involve METS companies in the GMG Interoperability Definitions and Roadmap project, to be complete by Q3 2018, to enable industry-wide alignment and identify a collaborative path forward to achieving mining interoperability.

This roadmap will be a tool for organisations to define projects, and for the METS sector to collaborate with mining company representatives, and determine opportunities to grow their companies in this space.

The international mining industry believes to achieve interoperability and the benefits for the entire industry there is a need for common enabling approaches, capabilities, and developments. However, although there is great industry interest and activities there has yet to be any substantial developments and progress achieved to move Interoperability forward.

This project will develop a roadmap to identify and coordinate the various standards and projects worldwide to enable mining interoperability, and thus open avenues for innovation and new technology which will empower SMEs to provide new products and services to the mining sector.

As part of this project, SMEs will join a multi-stakeholder innovation ecosystem, sharing expertise and building meaningful relationships with potential collaborators. Expertise developed through various other sectors will be able to adapt into the mining environment.

Interoperability removes some of the greatest barriers to innovation for the mining industry, by enabling new technologies and systems implementation without connectivity and data access restrictions.

Project highlights:

  1. Deliverables: consensus definitions and vision of the end state; industry roadmap and identification of requirements.
  2. Companies with technologies that have mining applications but are not focused on mining can benefit from the environment.
  3. GMG is global in scope. Therefore companies participating will engage with not only the Australian mining sector, but also mining companies internationally.
  4. GMG participants represent major mining companies globally. Participants in this project will be networking with technology leaders from these companies, developing connections, demonstrating their expertise and learning directly from the mining companies about what solutions they require.

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