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IMNIS launched nationally

METS Ignited has supported the national launch of the IMNIS Industry Mentoring Program bringing together science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) researchers with METS industry leaders to help foster a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Together with the other Industry Growth Centres, MTPConnect and NERA, METS Ignited has strategically partnered with IMNIS to provide targeted industry mentoring on a national scale.

METS Ignited General Manager Industry Skills and Education Sarah Boucaut said the collaborative partnership has seen the IMNIS program grow from a small pilot into a prestigious mentoring initiative involving more than 400 people.

"The METS Ignited Industry Growth Centre is excited to see the national expansion of this program, helping PhD students to transition into the workforce, supporting METS sector growth and strengthening Australia's global competitiveness.

"This year, the minerals industry will be represented in all mainland states, with tailored programs available in Tasmania and the territories," said Ms Boucaut.

In 2018, the IMNIS Industry Mentoring Program aims to recruit 600 participants - 300 PhD students, and 300 industry leaders.

For more information contact the IMNIS Industry Mentoring Network in STEM.