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Invitation to contribute

Interoperability is a large, intricate and complex issue that can inhibit technological advances in the international mining industry.

The Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group have identified interoperability as a priority industry initiative and are working towards a universal roadmap.

Why is interoperability and the roadmap important?

Interoperability overlaps and impacts other industry subject matter and developments such as data, integrated operations, and autonomous mining.

The pressing need for a common enabling approach has spawned a number of interoperability development initiatives by international industry stakeholder groups - but substantial co-ordinated development and press in advancing interoperability on the international stage has yet to materialise.

The GMSG roadmap is to provide guidance "through the maze".

Building the roadmap

To build the roadmap, GMSG has launched its Interoperability Definitions and Roadmap Project.

The project provides common interoperability definitions, principles, terms, scope and references needed by, and to guide, further interoperability working group initiatives and developments.

To ensure the interoperability guidelines and roadmap is a timely success in the face of rapidly advancing technology, further active leadership and strong particpation by mine operators is needed to detremine and drive industry advancements.

In addition, more significant contribution by OEMs is required.

To contribute, interested parties are invited to contact Heather Ednie at GMSG.

>>Download the GMSG release below