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METS global game-changers announced

The Australian Technologies Competition (ATC), with support from METS Ignited, has announced the top three METS innovators with the capability to become game-changers for the mining sector. The Mining Technologies Award finalists are EVOCRA, Mining & Process Solutions (MPS), and Pinssar. The ATC partners with the Industry Growth Centres (including METS Ignited) to identify and work with technologies from the Government's priority sectors. The partnership will provide the finalists with unmatched profiling opportunities with industry and investors to help get their solutions to market and realise their potential in Australia and globally.

EVOCRA (Tasmania)
EVOCRA's Ozofractionative Catalysed Reagent Addition (OCRA) process is an advanced water treatment process that removes a wide range of chemical, biological and solid contaminants from water. OCRA was developed to treat Acid Mine Drainage.

Mining & Processing Solutions MPS (Western Australia)
Mining & Processing Solutions' alkaline glycine leaching process offers a new way to extract copper and nickel from ores without the cost, safety risks, and long-term environmental problems of acid leach processes. The process is unique in its ability to co-extract gold with greatly reduced or zero cyanide usage.

Pinssar (Queensland)
Pinssar has released the world's first real-time continuous Ambient Air Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) reader (monitor) for harsh environments and to protect worker and public health and well-being.

The Hon Craig Laundy MP, Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science will be the keynote speaker at the Australian Technologies Competition showcase and awards event in Sydney on Thursday 16 November, 2017.