Future Workforce Program Applications Closing

Applications are closing for the Future Minerals Workforce Program to be held in Brisbane and Perth, starting mid-July 2017.

The Future Minerals Workforce Program (FMWP), which has been designed and delivered by Mining Leaders Group, is a three-part workshop series for senior workforce leaders to benchmark their organisation's preparedness for the future and develop and actionable strategy proactively addressing workforce planning moving forward.

Supported by METS Ignited and the Minerals Council of Australia, the program helps METS and mining organisations looking to adapt and respond to a changing sector impacted by new technologies and external pressures.

We invited industry members to provide feedback:

"Employers, businesses and leaders need to carefully consider the future workforce and how changing technology and societal expectations will shape the roles, skills and way we work in the future. This will be critical to ensuring a productive, sustainable and inclusive future".
- Val Madsen, General Manager Human Resources, St Barbara Limited.

"Whatever the future looks like, we as an industry, need to appreciate those technologies and the resulting changing roles. How we consider these roles and how we engage all layers of the workforce in this changing landscape is a critical challenge. We already have a world-class mining workforce for our world-class mining industry. We aim to keep it that way".
- David Overall, CEO Downer EDI Mining Pty Ltd, MCA Board Member and Chair MCA Workforce Committee

"As the mining industry continues to transform through adopting new technology it is critical that we understand the required future workforce capabilities, the changes to how we need to educate our people and how we adapt leadership style to match future workforce expectations".
- Michael Bisset, Group Executive Human Resources, Newmont

"We believe disruptive forces will have a transformative impact on the mining sector. The key is understanding how different elements interact and how business models need to evolve. Under any scenario, building capabilities will be vital for successfully managing the transition to the future".
- Jock O'Callahan, Global Mining Leader, Global Metals Leader, PWC.

The FMWP will take a cross-sector approach to planning, providing new opportunities to test new business models, and strengthen business strategy through collaboration.

The program recognises the impact of current trends including Industry 4.0, automation, and remote operation centres, and encourages participants to bring live scenarios to engage in peer-to-peer work-shopping, one-on-one mentoring and guidance.

For more information on the Future Minerals Workforce Program. Apply here.