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New industry-led research project funding for SME METS

Applications for the latest round of Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Programme funding proposals recently opened.

METS Ignited welcomes the existence of the new approach to collaborative research which emphasises SME involvement in the most recent round of Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Programme funding proposals. Projects aligned to Industry Growth Centres will be prioritised.

Applications for CRC-Ps look to support short term, industry-led research, and with priority given to applications that are focused on practical outcomes, deliver faster results and operate on shorter project timelines of up to three years.

The new CRC-Ps are designed for smaller collaborations which will enable greater involvement from small to medium enterprises (SMEs). CRC-P applications must include two Australian industry entities, including at least one SME, and one research organisation. Traditional CRCs will support medium to long-term industry-led collaborative; CRC-Ps will focus on shorter term activity with an emphasis on involving SMEs.

Applications for CRC-Ps closed on 17 March 2016, and applications for CRCs closed on 31 March 2016.