METS SMEs successful in $3.2M commercialisation grant funding

Through the Australian Government's Entrepreneurs’ Programme five Australian mining equipment, technology and services (METS) SMEs have been offered a total of $3.2 million in commercialisation grants to help them break into new and international markets.

Liquid Instruments Pty Ltd, Lacima Group Pty Ltd, Seels Technology Pty Ltd, InterfereX Communications Pty Ltd, and Micronised Mineral Solutions Pty Ltd were successful in their application to receive funding under the Accelerating Commericalistion element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme for their projects:

  • Liquid Instruments - Moku:Lab, a reconfigurable test and measurement device
  • Lacima Group - Front office analytics system for energy and commodities traders
  • Seels Technology - Toberite, a revolutionary replacement for concrete
  • InterfereX Communications - Advanced signal processing to maximise performance of digital content delivery
  • Micronised Mineral Solutions - Acid mine water treatment

The commercialisation grants are designed to help small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers to commercialise novel products, services and processes. The grants helps businesses undertake development and commercialisation activities like product trials, licensing and manufacturing, to help businesses take new products to market.

Further details about the recent Accelerating Commericialisation funding offers are available from

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