Austmine 2019 wrap-up

METS Ignited enjoyed a busy week showcasing Australia's METS capability at the Austmine conference in Brisbane, kick-starting the event with a pre-conference Machine Learning Workshop focusing on the future direction of AI, machine learning, deep learning and METS data capture.  

Over the following two days, 14 participants of the RISE scale-up Accelerator Program were on hand at the METS Ignited stand to engage potential customers and collaborators on how the program is providing them with the tools, capabilities and support to win more work and grow their businesses, as well as demonstrating how their products and services can solve industry challenges.

METS Ignited delivered a rousing presentation as part of the plenary content, providing key information indicating the continued opportunity for jobs and growth in the METS sector with particular attention paid to the increasing focus on digital, data and analytics in Australia's mining industry, responding to a push for transformative automation.  The presentation echoed Rio Tinto's Austmine presentation and recent communications, calling for the acceleration of transformative technology.

As well as facilitating Austmine's Meet the Miners event with BHP's Sharna Glover, providing METS with access to some of Australia's leading mining houses' mining challenges and opportunities, METS Ignited invited PhD and Masters students to participate in the conference with direct access to some of Australia's biggest innovators.

Congratulations go to Austmine for bringing together current and future leaders of Australia's METS and Mining businesses.