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METS sector rewarded for excellence

Congratulations to four South Australian METS companies who have been rewarded for their performance and leadership at the 2018 Premier's Awards in Energy and Mining in the METS Sector category.

The South Australian 2018 Premier's Awards in Energy and Mining recognise excellence demonstrated by leading resources companies and organisations in the areas of diversity, working with communities and innovation.

The METS Sector award recipients and categories are:

Excellence in Working with Communities

Winner: BHP Olympic Dam and C-Res for 'Local Buying Program' - watch the project video

Excellence in Innovation: Productivity Improvement

Winner: Boart Longyear for 'TruScan Innovative onsite core scanning technology' - watch the project video

Commendation: Minalyze for 'Minalyze core scanner and Minalogger data visualisation software'

Excellence in Innovation: Commercialisation of Research

Winner: Maptek Pty Ltd for 'Maptek Sentry' - watch the project video

The Premier's Awards applaud companies and organisations that:

  • recognise South Australia as a place to successfully undertake innovative projects
  • demonstrate leadership in implementing leading practice
  • raise the bar for their competitors across the sector in their workplace practices and community engagement
  • implement projects that have measurable and valued impacts in the market place of ideas

The winning companies set an example of excellence in corporate social responsibility and innovation, encouraging others to follow their lead and raising the bar for the rest of the METS sector.