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Newcrest challenge

Registrations are now open for the next Newcrest Crowd challenge.

METS Ignited has been working in partnership with Newcrest Mining to support pathways for METS innovation into mining operations through the Newcrest Crowd collaboration platform, powered by Unearthed Solutions.

METS companies are invited to provide a data automation solution to help Newcrest Mining correctly identify depth measurements from core sample photographs as part of the newly released "Get to the Core II - Revenge of the Depths" challenge.

The dataset comprised of 500+ core photographs and manually labelled depth measurements, will be provided to registered participants on 5 November when the competition opens. Innovators will have one month (5 November - 4 December 2018) to build the most accurate algorithm.

Newcrest is looking to establish ongoing partnerships to implement winning solutions, in addition to $20,000 in prize money. Register to take part in the challenge here.