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New business opportunity in Chile

Austalian METS companies are invited to partipate in a new business opportunity.

Expande, the Chilean Open Mining Innovation Program, is working with BHP on a challenge starting on October 29 2018.

The challenge -- Measurement of Rheological Parameters of Online Tailings Pulp -- is managed by the Supply Innovation area of BHP and is an initiative associated with the National High Grade Mining Program and supported by Expande.

Expressions of interest and technical background support is open until October 16 2018.

Challenge purpose and scope

The objective of the challenge is to find an in-line Rheometer that complies with BHP requirements, in terms of measurements of Rheological parameters that allow a significant adjustment of the percentage of solids in the thickener discharge, with the consequent increase in water recovery from process.

The scope of the project includes all the feeding and discharge points of the tailings thickener.

Proven technologies

It requires technologies with a level of maturity and development that is feasible to implement at the industrial level.

Further information

For information on the challenge description, prequalification and the challenge process, download the attached information pack.

To participate in the challenge, please contact METS Ignited General Manager - International Clare Sykes.