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10 Apr 2016 / METS / Miners


Dingo’s condition-based asset management system is the recognised standard in mining.

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18 Apr 2016 / METS / Miners

The Simulation Group

This innovative METS company firmly believes that all businesses can get it right, first time.

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27 Jun 2016 / Investors / METS / Miners

Tomcar Australia

Australia's first production electric-zero emissions car has been custom-made for miners.

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04 Aug 2016

Efic support new opportunities for Guma ICRG

Efic - the federal government’s export credit agency - provided Guma with finance support to fulfil its contract for the Roy Hill project.

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31 Aug 2016 / METS / Miners / Researchers

Fostering international collaboration

METS Ignited fostering collaboration between Australian and international mining experts.

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