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Media Releases

05 May 2017

First round of Project Funds allocated

Five organisations have been allocated funding under the first round of the METS Ignited Project Fund

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03 May 2017

METS sector to benefit from new MOU

METS Ignited and AMIRA International recently signed an Memorandum of Understanding.

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03 May 2017

Test facilities database moves step closer

METS Ignited is encouraging those with a test site, sandpit or faciliting for inclusion in a national database to register by 12 May 2017.

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10 Apr 2017

Competition opens for country's best technology companies

Australian Technologies Competition opens nationally...

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24 Mar 2017

KPMG to operate METS accelerator

KPMG has been selected to operate a METS-focused accelerator pilot program.

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21 Mar 2017 / Investors / METS / Miners / Researchers

Australian business welcomes innovation leader

Hundreds of members of Australia's METS, mining, research and government sectors took part in a national thought leadership seminar series on industrial innovation.

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15 Nov 2016

Austmine delighted to welcome METS Ignited as an Industry Leader

METS Ignited becomes an Austmine Industry Leader

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11 Nov 2016 / Investors / METS / Miners / Researchers

New Project Funds EOI for METS-mining innovation and collaboration projects

METS Ignited Project Funds EOI opportunity for METS-mining innovation and collaboration projects announced at IMARC

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09 Nov 2016

A national plan for a globally competitive Australian METS sector

10 Year Sector Competitiveness Plan launched at IMARC

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02 Nov 2016 / Investors / METS / Miners / Researchers

Finalists named for 2016 METS Ignited Collaboration Award

Core Resources-Glencore Technology and Thiess-Haynes Group-Auxilium Systems named as finalists for the 2016 METS Ignited Collaboration Award.

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04 May 2016 / Investors / METS / Miners / Researchers

Austmine-METS Ignited agreement to strengthen METS sector

The Australian METS sector has been strengthened by the signing of a collaboration agreement between by METS Ignited and Austmine to improve the competitiveness of Australian METS.

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18 Mar 2016 / Investors / METS / Miners / Researchers

Collaboration is a key area of focus for METS Ignited

Five key areas of strategic focus for METS Ignited have been endorsed by our industry-led board.

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02 Feb 2016 / METS / Miners

METS Ignited sponsors Austmine's Innovation Mentoring Program

METS Ignited is proud sponsor of the only innovation mentoring program dedicated exclusively to METS sector.

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22 Jan 2016 / METS / Miners / Researchers

METS Ignited-CRC ORE sign collaboration agreement

METS Ignited and CRC ORE are working together to improve commercialisation and collaboration outcomes for Australian METS companies.

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07 Dec 2015

Innovation Statement a boon to home grown innovation

Innovation Statement supports the transition of the METS sectors from the mining industry to a broad-based, highly innovative sector.

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10 Nov 2015 / Investors / METS / Miners / Researchers

METS Growth Centre launches CSIRO's "Unlocking Australia's Resource Potential"

METS sector to drive innovation and aligned to innovation statement.

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28 Oct 2015 / Investors / METS / Miners / Researchers

METS Growth Centre launched in Brisbane

Innovation Minister and Chair of METS Ignited launch new Industry Growth Centre for METS.

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