IMDEX Orica Material Characterisation - Project Summary

Material characterisation at the time of blast hole drilling for optimised blasting and material tracking

The IMDEX Orica Material Characterisation project is looking to improve drill and blast operational productivity through optimised material tracking and sensor technology development.

This project will build pre-commercial prototypes, improve fragmentation modelling, develop an integrated data system, undertake field trials and document business cases to support adoption of a new technology.

METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds

The METS Ignited Project Funds is a $15.6m, four-year initiative to support, encourage and fund sector-wide collaboration. The funding is provided by the Australian Government as part of the Industry Growth Centre initiative, in alignment with METS Ignited's strategic objective to support the acceleration of innovation commercialisation.

Project Partners

  • Orica

Project Funding

The total funding agreement to deliver the material characterisation project is $2,000,00 with $1,000,00 from METS Ignited and $1,000,000 from industry partners.

Project Outputs

  • Field data trials
  • Multi-sensor prototype building and testing
  • Fragmentation modelling
  • Business case documentation for various ore types