METS Ignited is an industry-led, government-funded Growth Centre for the mining equipment, technology and Services (METS) sector established through the Australian Government's Industry Growth Centres initiative. METS Ignited works with Australian METS suppliers, miners, and research organisations to improve the global competitive advantage of the METS sector and to position Australia as a the global innovation hub for METS.

METS Ignited was launched in October 2015 to improve the competitiveness and productivity of the Australian METS industry, focussed on increasing research, commercialisation and collaboration. The METS sector is one of the strategic sectors of competitive strengths identified by the Australian Government that will drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness under the Industry Growth Centres Initiative and to help Australian transition into smart, high-value and export focussed industries.

METS Ignited is working with all levels of government, industry (mining and METS), and research organisations to improve sector competitiveness and commercialisation, consult with stakeholders to advise government on regulatory inhibitors, develop better solutions and supplier linkages between the Australian METS sector, mining companies and researchers, and develop a value proposition for investors and research funding.

METS Ignited is an industry-focused organisation. Assistance for individual companies is delivered by partner organisations such as AusIndustry, as well as Austmine, and MESCA which can provide members with promotion, supply chain, R&D and mining project opportunities.

METS Ignited has five areas of strategic focus to help strengthen the global competitiveness of the Australian METS sector. Find out more.

Innovation is critical to the mining industry. The Australian METS sector can play an important role in the sustainable future of mining by providing solutions to challenges. In a post commodity price boom world the METS sector is boosting the Australian economy through innovation and collaboration. The METS sector can continue to drive mining productivity by focussing on value, rather than volume.

It can continue to contribute to improved operational efficiencies and productivity in the mining industry. The Australian METS industry has developed solutions that automate or optimise various mine operations, maximise equipment use, improve extraction and reduce operating costs.