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Strengths of the Australian METS sector

Why Australian METS?

The Australian METS sector is a highly innovative industry which produces technologically advanced, globally competitive products and services for mining companies worldwide.

Strong industry

  • Australia’s $90 billion METS industry is a global leader in mining innovation and is a significant contributor to the Australian economy.
  • The Australian METS sector has potential for growth through exporting, technology development and the creation of news processes, services and products.

Resources and production world rankings [1]

  • Australia has the world's largest reserves of diamonds, gold, iron ore, lead, nickel, zinc and rutile.
  • Australia is the world leading producer for bauxite, rutile and ilmenite.
  • The second largest producer for gold, iron ore, lead and zinc.
  • The third largest producer for antimony, manganese ore.
  • The fourth largest producer of silver and nickel.
  • The fifth largest producer of black coal, cobalt, and copper.


  • Exports $15 billion of goods and services each year and has the capacity to significantly increase.
  • Is globally focussed, with more than half (55%) of Australian METS companies export products, services or technology. [2]
  • Key export regions include South East Asia (1); South (2) and North America (3). [3]
  • Top export markets include Indonesia (1); New Zealand (2); the United States (3); Chile (4); Papua New Guinea (5); and Canada (6). [3]


  • Strengths in minerals and mining.
  • A world leader in environmental management, including mine site closure and rehabilitation. [4]
  • Pioneered and developed innovative mine safety solutions. [4]


  • The Australian METS sector is comprised of approximately 2,500 companies, of which 84% are Australian-owned.[2]
  • The sector is diverse and more than three-quarters of companies are small to medium enterprises.[2]
  • Manufacturing, equipment, supplies, and chemical companies account for 41% of companies; 22% are EPCM/Engineering construction companies, and 18% account for contract mining companies.[2]
  • Over 60% of METS companies also supply to the oil and gas industry [3]


  • More than three-quarters of Australian METS invest in R&D. [3]
  • World leader in mining software and supplies 60% of the world’s mining software is developed in Australia. [4]
  • Innovation driven by depleted resources and lower commodity prices.
  • Government supportive of an innovative and entrepreneurial culture.


  • Employs 386,000 highly skilled manufacturing, technology, digital and research people – almost twice the number of people as the mining industry.
  • Offers high-value jobs for the future.


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