METS Ignited

METS Ignited is a government-funded, industry-led Growth Centre for the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector, located at the Queensland University of Technology.

Photo: P Block, QUT, Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane - Courtesy of QUT

Our mission

To strengthen Australia’s position as a global hub for mining innovation, and, enhance the global competitive advantage of the Australian METS industry

Our vision

The Australian METS industry has an aligned, efficient and agile industry ecosystem with a high degree of collaborative, global leadership in innovation, and a growing share of the global market

METS Ignited works with Australian suppliers to the mining industry, global miners, research organisations and capital providers to improve the competitiveness and productivity of the Australian METS sector.

Our five areas of strategic focus to help strengthen the global competitiveness of the Australian METS sector are:

  • shared vision - we want to engage with you to develop and actively debate a shared vision for future growth.
  • strengthen collaboration in the mining innovation system - we will work with you to develop greater collaboration with the global supply chains to generate commercial opportunities
  • address gaps in the ecosystem - we will identify development areas for METS to take advantage of global opportunities and how to overcome barriers to continued success
  • raise your profile - we will raise the profile of the capabilities of the Australian METS industry to better position Australia as the innovation hub for the global mining industry
  • promote world-class clusters - we will identify and promote our key clusters and collaboration networks, to generate integrated strategic opportunities.

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