The METS sector is one of the industries identified by the Australian Government that will drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness and help Australia transition into smart, high-value and export focussed industries.

The Australian METS sector is a highly innovate and entrepreneurial sector comprised of approximately 2,500 firms which offers capital providers investment opportunities at different stages of the supply chain.

The 2015 Austmine survey revealed that 78 per cent of Australian METS invest in R&D and identified that innovation was core to their business strategy. In that same survey, as METS companies look to diversify, over half of the companies were looking to expand into new market segments and industries, of those companies approximately two-thirds also saw opportunities in oil and gas.

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01 Feb 2018 / News

CRC to power up lithium industry

METS Ignited is working with industry, government and academia to develop a prospectus for a CRC to take advantage of a forecast $2 trillion in lithium supply growth.

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19 Jul 2017 / News

World's leading industry report now available

Report finds Aussie METS are central to innovation

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28 Jun 2017 / News

Future Workforce Program Applications Closing

Industry feedback on the Future Minerals Workforce Program

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11 Nov 2016

New Project Funds EOI for METS-mining innovation and collaboration projects

METS Ignited Project Funds EOI opportunity for METS-mining innovation and collaboration projects announced at IMARC

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08 Nov 2016 / News

Launch of a national plan for a globally competitive Australian METS sector at IMARC

Elizabeth Lewis-Gray launches a plan to catalyse globally competitive change to improve growth of Australia’s METS sector.

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23 Aug 2016 / News

METS SMEs successful in $3.2M commercialisation grant funding

Five METS SMES offered grants to help access international markets

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08 Aug 2016 / News

Global Innovation Linkages programme to boost global collaboration

New programme to collaborate with global partners on collaborative projects announced

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04 Aug 2016 / News

Efic support new opportunities for Guma ICRG

Efic, the federal government’s export credit agency, provided Guma with finance support to fulfil its contract for the Roy Hill project.

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04 Mar 2016

Sector Competitiveness Plan

2016 METS 10 Year Sector Competitiveness Plan released

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