Improving mining productivity through innovation

Now more than ever suppliers and miners need each other. Australian suppliers of mining equipment, technology and services (METS) are a source of innovation that can help miners derive more value from their operations and are an important part of the mining ecosystem to sustain of the mining industry.

The mining industry has to improve its productivity. In a post commodity price boom world, Australia’s highly innovative and diverse METS sector can continue to drive mining productivity by focussing on value.

Extracting higher value from resources can be achieved by being innovative and will make existing mines more productive – and this is where the Australian METS industry can deliver solutions and value-add.

Tap into the world-leading provider of software for the resources industry. Australia provides 60 per cent of the world's mining computer software, with many of these innovative software solutions developed to address the conditions facing miners in Australia.

Read The Simulation Group success story and how the company develops analytic tools for miners to visualise outcomes in a virtual environment, to enhance operations, and avoid making costly mistakes.

Find out more about how Dingo save mining companies millions in its efficient condition-based asset management system.