As a miner in today's environment, your challenge is to find ways to extract higher value from resources. The $90 billion METS industry can work with you to develop a prototype-to-product solution.

More and more, Australian METS are introducing miners to innovative solutions to mine operations which are making projects more productive. This includes solutions which automate or optimise mine operations, maximise equipment use, improve extraction, and reduce risks and operating costs.

Embracing a culture of innovation and collaboration across the mining supply chain can help solve problems that you are facing and deliver value. METS firms can continue to contribute to improve operational efficiencies and productivity in the mining industry right across the value chain, even in tough times.

Australia's mining supply sector is predominantly made up of diverse SMEs and innovative entrepreneurs - known for its can-do approach.

Did you know that the METS industry employs approximately 386,000 people - almost twice the number employed in the mining industry - and is made up of more than 2500 companies. There is a deep pool of talent and expertise, are you taking advantage of METS suppliers?

To find out about METS delivering cost-effective solutions to miners, read the Australian METS success stories.

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