Collaborative research culture

Building research collaboration links across the mining innovation ecosystem will enable Australian METS to grow.

We are keen to foster collaboration between your firm and the research community and miners.

METS companies develop and deliver innovation every day. We are keen to foster further involvement with universities and research organisations - accelerating the innovation process.

By working together, METS and researchers can lift the contribution of research and innovation and deliver results to your customers.

Working with the research community can drive innovation and unlock opportunities and benefits, including:

  • access to pilot projects, sites or plants
  • access to knowledge and advance access to technologies to see potential opportunities present in the future
  • getter better band for your buck from access to cost effective research personnel
  • leverage your R&D investment by partnering with researchers and industry through research grants
  • mamixising your research effort through collaboration.

Would you like to join in too?

Find out more about Australia's world-class research organisations and programs designed to increase research collaboration and commercialisation opportunities for METS.

The Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Programme supports industry-led collaborations between industry, researchers and the community. Early in 2016, it was announced that CRC-projects aligned to Industry Growth Centres will be priorities. Details of the upcoming CRC selection rounds are available here.