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METS Ignited Bowen Basin Cluster Program

The Bowen Basin Cluster Program is a joint initiative of METS Ignited and Queensland Government supporting the development of industry clusters.

It brings together METS companies with complementary areas of expertise to collaborate to solve mining company challenges.

It has been developed to identify and support business clusters of expertise in the Bowen Basin METS sector and encourage collaboration between these companies and their customers to address the customers' business challenges and opportunities.

How it works

The Program provides matched funding for collaborative commercial projects with the potential to deliver increased value to Queensland's mining operations.

The projects must be between two or more METS companies and a mining or major METS company.

Where METS companies are working with other suppliers and one or more customers, they can apply for matched funding to deliver projects that:

  • build on a live business opportunity
  • have customer demand, involvement and funding
  • deliver broad benefits to regional business and education communities (e.g. via capability development, social licence, community engagement)

This initiative is being piloted in the Bowen Basin-Mackay region, a recognised home to METS companies with a long history of developing innovation solutions locally and internationally.

Matched funding

The program offers a total of $500,000 in matched funding from the METS Ignited Project Fund to support up to five successful cluster applications. Applications must be a minimum of $100,000.

Application process

Groups of METS companies and customers are invited to submit a short form proposal identifying participating companies, demonstrating the industry problem and commercial solution, outlining how this will be achieved and the resulting impact.

Applications for competitive funding will be assessed by a group of peers from industry and stakeholder groups, who will also provide ongoing guidance to the pilot Bowen Basin Cluster Program.

Submissions to the Bowen Basin Cluster Program are now being reviewed.

For more information

Additional information on the Program and the application process can be downloaded or contact METS Ignited General Manager - Industry Implementation Dr Ian Dover.

METS Ignited has visited Mackay to assist the METS sector identify potential application opportunities and assist with submissions to the program.