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METS Monday

METS Ignited is pleased to host METS Monday at IMARC 2018.

METS Monday is a collaboration with IMARC to host an exciting and unique series of workshops on Monday, 29 October in the lead-up to the IMARC conference at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

The workshops are suited to CEOs and senior management teams. Attendance is open to all interested parties - you do not have to an IMARC delegate to register.

Morning workshops

Accelerated Commercialisation

Discover how others have built their METS business based on new approaches to collaboration and business growth.

The Digital Shift

In this half day workshop you will learn how to pivot your METS business based on the experiences of others.

Afternoon workshops

Optimised Mine Operations

This half day workshop will exploit all aspects of the process to result in creating the optimal project value.