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METS Monday

METS Ignited is pleased to host the inaugural METS Monday event at IMARC 2017.

METS Monday is a collaboration with IMARC to host key workshops on Monday, 30 October in the lead-up to the IMARC conference at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

METS Ignited will be hosting two sessions (one workshop comprises two half-day workshops) on Monday, 30 October.

The workshops will be led by industry experts and professional facilitators who will deliver insight and relevant content on topics such as the impact of digital disruption and how it can be used to create business opportunities.Participants are encouraged to register for the highly anticipated workshop on developing Australia as a global Centre of Excellence for automation and robotics in the mining sector.

The workshops are suited to CEOs and senior management teams. Attendance is open to all interested parties -- you do not have to an IMARC delegate to register.

METS Monday Workshops

Digital Disruption Part 1: Opportunities in the new digital environment

Facilitators: Industry Consultant Gavin Yeates , Dave Yeates

The Digital Disruption Masterclass is the first part of a unique METS Monday two-part workshop to be hosted by METS Ignited. Only available at METS Monday 2017, this half day workshop, will look at opportunities that are emerging in the new digital environment and will discuss how METS companies can leverage opportunities from Industry 4.0 and the rise of automation and data exchange.

The key discussion points will be:

  • How important is digital disruption to your firm?
  • What opportunities will digital disruption bring?
  • How big is the gap between leaders and followers in the field?
  • How do you start/update your firm's plans towards a digital strategy?
  • What is our digital Knowledge Development Path?

By the end of the half-day session, the participants will:

  • Be aware that there are two key aspects to digital disruption - what it will mean for mining and the journey towards a "Digital Mine"; and how the operations of the METS company needs to evolve in anticipation of digital disruption (strategic and operational)
  • Understand the stages of the journey for a Digital Mining customer
  • Identify the opportunities for the METS specific product/service offering in relation to the digital mining journey
  • Be convinced that Digital is "a way of working".


Digital Disruption Part 2: Stimulating Innovation and Efficiency in Mining and METS

The second half of the METS Masterclass on Digital Disruption will look at stimulating innovation and efficiency in mining and METS, providing examples of how digital disruption can be utilised.

The CRC Spatial Information will provide a demonstration of how industry silos were dismantled by mapping the relationship between location, people and activities across the value chain in the livestock industry. The Australian Livestock Spatial Information Program (ALSIP) demonstrates the impact of using spatial to connect, understand and analyse disparate data points for creating new innovation in a valued Australian industry sector. This masterclass provides an opportunity to reflect on mining and METS processes and creates a stimulus to ignite data innovation in mining and METS businesses.

Participants can expect to:

  • Learn how 'digital spatial data' is being utilised to generate new strategic insights into social, economic and environmental operations from end to end.
  • Develop an understanding of the framework to connect disparate data across a value chain to uncover new efficiencies and improve 'real-time' analytics for your operatons.
  • Understand the role of spatial information in digital disruption and how it is applied across the mining supply chain to deliver productivity and profitability.
  • Appreciate the role of spatial data in connecting the traditional silos in the mining value chain, therefore creating a new vision of the mining process and opening up new business opportunities.


Robotics and automation - the next METS revolution

Facilitator: Design Innovator Dave Mallam

Are you interested in joining us to help create the next METS production revolution?

We would like to you, as an industry leader and influencer, to join us as we take a design-led thinking approach to creating and adopting new ways of working.

Workshop description

We invite you to challenge the preconceptions of our industry, to redefine how METS contribute to the mining sector, and to reframe the skills, training and education of the people that will support our industry as it transitions into a new era of robotics and automation.

This next revolution will have a global impact. It will come from:

  • new combinations of digital technologies
  • development of new materials
  • new and refined processes of discovery, production and distribution.

More significantly, it will come from taking a design-led thinking approach to creating and adopting new ways of working.

So, what if we applied automation and robotic technologies to all aspects of mining production and mining operations?

Worker safety, health and wellness: What does total health and happiness of employees look like if it is supported by health, wellness and safety bots? How can these help us better manage fatigue?

Sustainability and public perception: How does the world look when you use automation and robotics to help create an energy neutral footprint for equipment usage? What if investors and consumers could see the cost and opportunities to offset consumption of mined products?

Production truly defined by consumer consumption: How can we create a direct link between consumer behaviour and the rate of production in the mining process?

Supply chain: How can automation streamline global supply and demand to better manage the projection and movement of materials, products and price?

Maintenance prediction and precision: How do robotics enable more predictable and precise maintenance to extend the value of a capital investment?

Join us in hands-on design-led thinking to co-create and define the next METS production revolution and bring these opportunities to life.


Dave Mallam

Dave is crazy about creating product that lives in the experience; he is passionate about the customer, behaviours and sense-making! Dave is a commercially focused design and lean strategist who has worked across a broad spectrum of industries. He thrives in challenging your business to reconsider the role of the customer in business - relating the relationship between a customer-need and the empathy required to deliver effective communications through values, beliefs and behavioural sciences.

A design-led thinker and a creative technologist, Dave pushes boundaries and explores the opportunities that inspire descision-makers to reconsider their role in the major interconnected parts of a living experience. He solves customer pain points through design, demonstrating the long-term economical benefits of customer service and product innovation, seeking sustainable methods of governing the delivery of customer engagement, and importantly that he kideas are linked to measurable results.


  • Collaboration and co-design
  • Product creation and lifecycle
  • Design thinking to doing
  • Lean and agile delivery