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METS Monday

METS Ignited is pleased to host METS Monday at IMARC 2018.

METS Monday is a collaboration with IMARC to host an exciting and unique series of workshops on Monday, 29 October in the lead-up to the IMARC conference at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

The workshops are suited to CEOs and senior management teams. Attendance is open to all interested parties -- you do not have to an IMARC delegate to register.

Morning workshops

Accelerated Commercialisation

Discover how others have built their METS business based on new approaches to collaboration and business growth.

Date: Monday 29 October 2018

Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm

Location: Melbourne Convention Centre

Learn about new or alternative avenues to grow your business using the following:

  • METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds
  • the Advanced METS Doctoral Training Centre at the Newcastle Institute of Energy and Resources (NEIR)
  • accelerators and hackathons

Hear from METs companies who have:

  • successfully leveraged funding grants
  • participated in research and export markets
  • redefined their strategy to win new contracts
  • applied their core expertise to meet the needs of the mining sector

METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds

Find out how METS companies are collaborating with mining companies to address mining challenges. Consortia across Australia are using the funding to develop collaborative, industry-led projects with clear commercialisation applications. The METS Ignited Project Fund is a $15.6m, four-year initiative to support, encourage and fund sector-wide collaboration. A panel of industry members will share their experiences. Contributors will describe the matched funding model; key attributes for successful collaboration.

Panellists include:

John Kirkman Manufacturing Intelligence

John is a co-founder of Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) which was established in 2016 to build software to vastly improve the visibility of entire state mining operation (both subterranean and above ground) in real-time. MI is currently working with FMG, South32, Mining3/CSIRO and Amazon Web Services to accelerate the development and operational trials of the technology which will enable vastly improved optimisation capabilities. John, will provide a brief overview of how this technology is the cornerstone of any technology architecture to realise the vision and benefits associated with the “digital mine” and how miners can ready themselves for implementing such technology.

Advanced METS Doctoral Training Centre

Find out how the recently established Advanced METS Doctoral Training Centre (METS DTC) at the Newcastle Institute of Energy and resources can transform your company into a global leader. In conjunction with industry, DTC aims to expand fundamental knowledge around mining challenges, develop industry engaged research leaders and support industry partners to identify the emerging opportunities in this globally focused sector encompassing mineral exploration, extraction and mining supply chain.

This session will include highlight details of the tailings conversion processes being developed through the METS doctoral Training Centre and other initiatives.

Accelerators and Hackathons

Hear from a panel of industry members who will share their experiences; the unexpected outcomes and reasons to get involved. Start-ups and Scale-ups have both benefited from these processes; find out how you also can get involved.

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The Digital Shift

In this half day workshop you will learn how to pivot your METS business based on the experiences of others.

Date: Monday 29 October 2018

Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm

Location: Melbourne Convention Centre

Evidence shows that companies with strategies to seize the opportunity presented by digital disruption have the potential to win more business and increase profits.

Learn how to pivot your METS business based on the experiences of others. Define your company’s role in the future, and ways to collaborate with METS companies leading this global initiative. A panel of industry members will share their experiences in the digital mining world.

The mining industry is being digitally disrupted with mining companies rapidly advancing in their application of digital technologies to all parts of their business. METS Companies with digital strategies, capabilities and products that are aligned with where mining companies are going will win more business and enjoy greater profits.

The industry is at an inflexion point that requires visionary leadership, so senior leaders, and strategic planners along with business development teams will benefit from this workshop, as will your technical design team.

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Afternoon workshops

Growth through Collaboration

This half day workshop will get you thinking differently about business to enhance your competitiveness.

Date: Monday 29 October 2018

Time: 2:00pm – 5:30pm

Location: Melbourne Convention Centre

As a nation, we are experiencing a rate of change that is unprecedented and pressuring companies, government and not-for-profit organisations to think differently about their businesses, and ways to enhance their competitiveness.

The SME/University partnership workshop will explore ways that companies across Australia can tap into their core strengths for competitive advantage. We hear across the media that the National Innovation and Science Agenda is a wake- up call to our nation that our competitiveness relies on thinking differently about our businesses, the skill bases we have, and the opportunities before us.

At this session you will learn a range of approaches that a successful Australian Business – Trajan Scientific and Medical – has deployed on the global stage. Trajan is an Australian success story; started in 2011 it has through execution of strategic business models, driving acquisitions, investments and organic growth grown today to having nearly 400 staff worldwide.

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Optimised Mine Operations

This half day workshop will exploit all aspects of the process to result in creating the optimal project value.

Date: Monday 29 October 2018

Time: 2:00pm –5:30pm

Location: Melbourne Convention Centre

Economic impact can be achieved via coordinated approaches, including optimised mine operations.

Optimised mine operations exploits all aspects of the process to result in creating optimal project value. Collaborating with mining companies requires a comprehensive understanding of value from the miner’s perspective. This session aims to reveal drivers for value from miners’ perspective, and give you a better undertaking of how value is created given complex and unique operating constraints.

Learn about:

  • the operational challenges facing miners today
  • leading practice in optimising mine operations
  • the approaches taken by other METS to negotiate some of the risk and uncertainty associated with operations
  • the solutions being developed by industry research partnerships.

This session will include presentations from industry leaders on optimising mine planning; case studies from the field, and lessons learnt.

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