METS Monday 2019 Technology Workshop

How can you prepare your business for transformation in the age of data analytics, automation and robotics?

METS Ignited is bringing together industry leaders, business owners, researchers and government representatives to consider the impact technology will have on improving the economic, environmental and social performance of the METS and Mining sectors.

Gain insights into your technology questions including:
• What is data analytics and machine learning, and what decisions are these tools helping to answer?
• Who is using these tools in their business and how could you see these benefits in your business?
• What is happening in other sectors that is relevant to METS companies?
• What are the risks involved in using these technologies in your business? What are you doing about your businesses cybersecurity?

This full-day program will expand on the very popular Machine Learning workshop delivered at the Austmine 2019 Conference. Speakers soon to be announced…

METS Monday is a collaboration with IMARC to host an exciting and unique series of workshops on the Monday prior to the conference - Register now.

View the video on the 2018 METS Monday program.