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Newly announced Workforce of the Future Masterclass, in Dubbo on Friday 6 September, 2019.

The METS Masterclasses are an opportunity to understand and benefit from the rapidly changing landscape that has been ushered in by Industry 4.0.

They will explore how the world's leading companies are leveraging emerging opportunities from the new digital environment and its associated innovation (spatial information, sensor technology, IOT, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, and big data analytics).

The four classes will invite you to consider:

  • how to stay ahead of the pack
  • how your workforce will change
  • how integrating your value proposition into whole-of-value-chain solutions will benefit your company
  • how best to explore and leverage the enormous research capabilities within the Australian research and university sector.

The masterclasses will expose you to the latest trends in design-led thinking, agile project management and collaboration approach, all of which will be fundamental to the way in which innovation will emerge in the coming decade.

Classes and schedules