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Project Funds Round 2

The second round of Project Funding has now closed. Thank you to all who applied.


The METS Ignited Project Funds is intended to drive collaboration and/or be of broad benefit to the Australian METS sector.

It is recognised that innovation in the mining sector is not easy. It is essential to understand the barriers to innovation and develop coalitions to collaboratively work to overcome the problems.

Under the funds, METS Ignited is encouraging the development of projects that include multiple METS companies that are working closely with an end-user, such as a mining company, system integrator or OEM. Projects supported by researchers as subject matter experts will add strength to the collaborative efforts.

Projects must be collaborative and industry-led with clear commercialisation applications that address one or more of the following:

  • Industry Knowledge Priorities in Sector Competitiveness Plan
  • Key mining challenges
  • Establishment of METS Living Lab nodes/sandpits as part of an industry wide Living Lab network
  • Blue sky opportunities where solutions do not currently exist. Developing a solution will bring very significant and long lasting benefits to mining companies and to the Australian METS sector.
  • Other industry-led projects that can demonstrate they will deliver a sustainable advantage to the METS sector

Key mining challenges

A thorough review by METS Ignited has identified a number of key challenges to the mining sector:

  • Improving exploration for deep and remotely located minerals
  • A deeper, continuously up-to-date, understanding of the resource base
  • Boosting productivity and maintenance performance through analytics, connectivity and IoT
  • Optimising material and equipment flow, towards a continuous mining and processing mindset
  • Improving performance and reducing harm through mechanisation and automation
  • Selective mining and processing to boost processing intensity
  • Novel mining and processing addressing difficult and presently uneconomic orebodies (e.g. low-grade)
  • Reducing mining's footprint including boosting safety and environmental performance, and improving stakeholder relations.


Successful projects would normally be led by a METS company and collaboration is interpreted as requiring the participation of more than one METS company. Exceptions can be made where there are otherwise demonstrable broad benefits to the Australian Industry.

How to apply

The funding opportunity from METS Ignited can be accessed by industry via an Expression of Interest (EOI) process. To apply, please complete the Short Proposal template below.

Projects will be evaluated on their merit against alignment with the above topics and the new METS Ignited Project Funds Program Guidelines below.

Applications close at close of business 31 July 2017.

Application process

1. Complete the Short Proposal template

2. Email the completed template to by COB 31 July 2017.

More information

For additional information about the EOI and METS Ignited Project Funds, please read the METS Ignited Project Funds Program Guidelines or the FAQ. For enquiries please email or telephone METS Ignited General Manager - Industry Engagement Peter Clarke on 0438 931 179.