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METS Ignited Project Funds

METS Ignited Project Funds - supporting industry-wide collaboration

The METS Ignited Project Funds is a $15.6m, four-year initiative to support, encourage and fund sector-wide collaboration. The funding is provided by the Australian Government as part of the Growth Centre initiative. It is open to METS companies across Australia.

How does it work?

METS Ignited is looking for minimum matched investment for collaborative, industry-led projects with clear commercialisation applications.

We are seeking to invest in innovative ideas to improve the productivity, competitiveness and innovative capacity of the sector, to deliver results on a national scale that have sector-wide impact including for SMEs.

The application process

The METS Ignited Project Funds can be accessed by industry through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process.

Next funding round

The third round of funding is now closed. Thank you to all who submitted an application,

To keep up-to-date with progress please become a METS Ignited Network Associate. Membership is free.

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Core Innovation Hub

CORE Innovation Hub (CORE) is improving the speed of METS sector innovation and collaboration by providing direct access to the resources innovation ecosystem through the establishment of a physical space with a facilitated network of innovators and curated activities, connections and programs.

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Resources Ready

The Resources Ready program is a structured series of seminars and workshops delivered by RESA to companies working, or seeking to enter the supply chain of the mining and energy sectors. The program will expand the previously South Australian-centred training nationally to provide companies with in-depth industry knowledge and skills delivered in an Executive MBA or higher degree format.

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Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway

The Austmine Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program is a fully integrated national program, combining networking events, online tutorials and an industry pain internship to create an informed and experienced community of future female employees for the Australian METS sector.

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Unearthed Solutions

Unearthed has set out a program to encourage greater METS company involvement in early stage innovation activities including a global technology competition (Shield-X Challenge), a METS Hackathon to address challenges set out by leading METS companies, the development of a Tech Talent Portal (for the resources ecosystem, including METS), and involvement in a METS Open Innovation Outreach initiative.

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CEEC Advanced Energy Curves

The CEEC Advanced Energy Curves Project sets out to advance mineral processing energy efficiency initiatives by extending the CEEC Energy Curve Program into METS companies and helping them improve their capability to supply energy reduction goods and services to mining operations in Australia and internationally as exports.

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