Collaboration Award criteria

The METS Ignited Collaboration Award will:

  • recognise and celebrate organisations who achieve mutual business success as a result of collaboration.
  • acknowledge organisations who contribute to building the awareness of collaboration practices by sharing examples of best practice and their results, inspiring similar excellence in others.
  • identify those who drive greater awareness and understanding of the benefits of collaboration in the sector.

Evaluation criteria Applications will be assessed on:

1. World-class collaboration in the mining/METS/research sectors demonstrating one of the following:

  • Collaboration between mining companies
  • Intra-industry collaboration between companies in the METS sector, regardless of size
  • Collaboration between miners, METS and researchers particularly at early stages in the innovation process.

2. Value creation for participants. The collaboration has resulted in business growth, new markets and export opportunities for the participants

3. The partners in the collaboration seek to extend their partnership, based on additional business growth opportunities.

4. Extent to which the collaboration addresses a gap in the capacity and capability of the METS sector, and is business ready.

5. Extent to which the Project will deliver national and sector wide impact.

The collaboration must have occurred after 1 January 2015 and been ongoing.

Applications for the 2017 METS Ignited Collaboration Award closed on 29 September 2017.

Download the information pack and METS Ignited Collaboration Award Application form.