Industry Knowledge Priorities

The Industry Knowledge Priorities (IKPs) highlight what the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector requires now and moving forward from Australian research providers and innovators.

METS Ignited, working together with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Austmine, has defined IKPs for the METS sector:

Industry Knowledge Priorities are those outcome-focussed bodies of information or skills that need to be developed to create sustainable global competitive advantage for the Australian METS sector.

The IKPs look to target the following outcomes:

  • the identification and development of opportunities for significant / step-change improvements in the economic, social and environmental benefits from mining;
  • increased commercial development opportunities to address domestic and global mining challenges;
  • increased input from a diverse range of stakeholders, including those from outside the mining sector; and
  • the creation of critical mass through identifying and developing clusters formed around either specific expertise/knowledge areas or around natural geographic groupings of complementary skills/knowledge areas.

The IKPs fall into two broad categories:

  • management skills and capabilities needed to make the sector more competitive; and
  • research and development required to ensure that the sector remains relevant.

Six knowledge priorities for world-class capability and leadership

IKP1: Improving speed of innovation, collaboration and business models

IKP2: Operating in a global market place

IKP3: Business development, optimisation and growth

IKP4: Excellence in finding, mining and extracting

IKP5: Reducing mining’s footprint

IKP6: Ubiquitous sensing, digitisation and data analytics

For further detail, download a copy of the Industry Knowledge Priorities: Mining Equipment, Technology and Services.

The IKPs will be refined and updated along with the annual review of the Sector Competitiveness Plan.

The IKPs are a result of consultation with the METS and mining sectors, as well as through input from CSIRO, Austmine, and a VCI report commissioned by METS Ignited. The IKPs have been shaped by global megatrends (including CSIRO’s Our Future World: global megatrends report), as well as current and emerging challenges and technology trends.