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QUT Mining and Energy in 2025 and beyond

Symposium presentations

QUT Mining and Energy in 2025 and beyond - 26 May 2016

The Symposium featured more than 20 presentations and panel discussions on the latest technological, social and environmental advances in the mining, oil and gas sector, from Brisbane based companies, and research groups, including six members of MIT's Mining, Oil and Gas Club.

METS Ignited was pleased to sponsor this successful and highly engaged event. The following provides links to presentations from the Symposium. This page will remain available until 30 June 2016.

Introduction - Assoc Prof Robert Perrons, QUT

How the resources sector could be uberized - Assoc Prof Robert Perrons, QUT

Data analytics for mining truck fuel efficiency - Ali soofastaei, UQ

UAVs for gas plume and ultrafine particles monitoring - Felipe Gonzalez, QUT

Applying drones in the resources sector: regulatory considerations and challenges - Joyce Zhang, MIT

Spatial data in unconventional oil and gas: The hidden information in location - Justin Montgomery, MIT

How innovation and R&D happen in the Australian oil and gas industry - John Steen, UQ

Virtual reality technologies in resource sector operations - Craig James, CSIRO

Safety in mining: the new paradigm - Mike Boyle, Precipitate

Natural resource companies as partners in environmental stewardship - Moriel Levy, MIT

Quantification of social licence - Justine Lacey, CSIRO

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