Research organisations

Australia has a many leading research based organisations and programmes for you to collaborate with:

  • Australian Research Council - provides collaboration opportunities between industry, the research sector and other organisations.
  • AMIRA - a member-based organisation of minerals companies and suppliers which develops, brokers and facilitates collaborative research projects.
  • CSIRO - Australia's national science organisation, CSIRO, has several successful key advances in the mining and innovation sector.
  • MRIWA - Minerals Research Institute of Western Australian - a statutory body which fosters and promotes minerals research, with a research focus to improve minerals exploration, mining and processing.

Cooperative Research Centres Association (CRCA) is a not-for-profit organisation which promotes and fosters the pursuit of science and innovation, particularly through the Australian Government's CRC programme.

CRCs develop new technologies and solutions to improve competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries, and help to create new markets and export opportunities:

  • CRCMining - the centre for global mining research and innovation which is focused on developing step-change innovations to current and future mines that maximise productivity, and enhance resource utilisation, safety and sustainability. Focus research areas include hard rock and surface mining; underground coal mining; automation; energy and power; and performance and reliability.
  • CRC ORE - the centre for global mining research and industry initiative looks at solutions to reverse the trend of declining feed grades through improved processes. Its current research programs focus on filling gaps in Grade Engineering and its implementation on mining sites. We are working with CRC ORE to improve collaboration outcomes for the METS sector. Through our partnership, we will be actively involved as an Essential Participant and other partners, including global mining companies. SME METS companies with relevant technology can potentially participate in CRC ORE through METS Ignited's membership.
  • DET CRC - the CRC for Deep Exploration Technologies (DET) is the centre for research into and development of new technologies for mineral exploration. DETS CRC delivers research programs in more successful, cheaper and safer ways to drill, analyse and target deep mineral deposits.

Other research-focussed bodies:

  • ATSE is made up of some of Australia’s leading thinkers in technology and engineering. It’s an eclectic group, drawn from academia, government, industry and research, each with a single objective in mind – to apply technology in smart, strategic ways for our social, environmental and economic benefit.