Dingo’s approach to maintenance detects trouble in mining equipment before it happens

Dingo’s condition-based asset management system is the recognised standard in mining.

Equipment analytics company Dingo has saved mining companies millions of dollars by using a concept equivalent to diagnosing blood samples. Founder and CEO Paul Higgins recognised in the early 1990s that just like blood, oil samples from machinery could be analysed to diagnose the health of machinery.

“That’s the future right there – doing maintenance using what the machine is actually telling you about itself. It’s taken 25 years but this methodology is now becoming mainstream in mining,” said Mr Higgins.

Mr Higgins started Dingo in 1991 and it is now the world-leader in predictive maintenance solutions for heavy-asset intensive industries that keep machines in peak condition to maximise production, cut maintenance costs and avoid catastrophic in-service failures.

“Our whole business exists to help asset-intensive customers maintain their assets better, faster and more economically.” Dingo’s success is a result of looking at the problem through a different lens.

We listen to our customers’ challenges and look at the problem differently by exploring around the edges. That is where real solutions and collaboration happen.

Dingo identified an opportunity and approached BHP Billiton’s Blackwater operations to improve the mine’s field inspection data capture for condition management of its assets.

Dingo’s Trakka Field Inspection App™ is an end-to-end, Cloud-based solution for field inspection data capture and analysis. It enables technicians to use mobile devices to take photographs and make notes and ratings while inspecting equipment, which help make real-time decisions about maintenance.

“Customers don’t want risk and need solutions that are proven beyond a doubt,” said Mr Higgins.

Dingo claims that companies typically get a return on their investment of more than 3:1 within 12 months through cost reduction.

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