METS Ignited Blue Sky Opportunities

METS Ignited in collaboration with industry has identified a list of Blue Sky Opportunities emerging from the sector. We invite you to contribute to the list and provide feedback to

  1. Optimised comminution, flotation, concentration
  2. In pit, connectivity and sensing
  3. Not for profit, open data platform
  4. Let's mine Dark Matter
  5. Accurate block model of ore body with engineering properties before mining
  6. Mining that doesn't look like mining. Invisible, "crowd-sourced" or AI driven but completely different
  7. Diversification into other sectors as agri-business
  8. Remote monitoring and control of mine operations i.e. digital "mission control"
  9. New CRCs in the METS sector
  10. Greater research on in situ recovery of metals e.g. Au, Cu, Ni, Co etc
  11. Link mining to advanced manufacturing
  12. Own the space for processing of seabed minerals - using our mineral processing capabilities (leave the mining technology to others!)
  13. Lithium battery fully integrated supply industry - from the ground to an end product
  14. High resolutions 3D model of mine geology without any drilling
  15. The virtual miner
  16. The Invisible Mine - in situ leaching
  17. Sustainability in the water and energy
  18. 3D visualisation - virtual reality
  19. Nano mining
  20. At least five Australian multi-billion dollar METS companies by 2025
  21. Mineral processing at the mine face
  22. Small scale modular approach to mining - manufacture miniature trucks in Australia
  23. Dominate African and South American METS market by joint company offerings
  24. Linking cyber and physical security
  25. Deep exploration technology and capability
  26. Mining sensor capital of the world
  27. Next generation mining and processing (sub-sea, asteroid)
  28. Investment by Australian super funds in METS companies
  29. METS diversification into other sectors
  30. Further improving our lead in robotics mining
  31. Fully automated, zero impact, energy-neutral mine
  32. METS contributing to zero unplanned stoppages
  33. Container-sized thorium reactors to power remote minesites for 20 years plus
  34. Australia-based seafloor harvesting services industry
  35. A tenement and technology approach to ASX financing of junior miners and the financing of technology development are separate activities
  36. A new business model for Whyalla focusing on producing lightweight steel, HSS steel and steel and magnesium alloys suitable for auto components