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Delegates' Lounge program of events

The METS Ignited Delegates' Lounge was a space for IMARC attendees to meet, network and relax during the conference.

The Lounge was free to all participants and featured presentations and interviews with industry leaders, research organisations and key influencers. This is a great opportunity to meet the METS Ignited team face-to-face and hear about some of the latest developments in the METS sector.

Program of events

TUESDAY 31 October 2017

11.15-11.30am Why METS Matters: the size of the sector METS Ignited Chief Executive Officer Ric Gros Delegates' Lounge main stage For the first time, we have a deep understanding of the size of the Australian METS sector. It is a national economic powerhouse.

METS Ignited CEO Ric Gros

12.10-12.20pm Interview with Professor Richard Hillis, CRC DET METS Ignited interview platform (outside the Delegates' Lounge) Prof Hillis will provide an overview of what research collaboration can bring to the industry as well as an update of on the latest development as DET CRC reaches its final year.

12.20-12.30pm Interview with MinEX CRC METS Ignited interview platform

1.30-2pm Panel: Accelerators -- a business and life changing program? Delegates' Lounge main stage METS Ignited and the Queensland Government are running a pilot late-stage accelerator program. Our panellists have almost completed the intensive 12 week course. How has it impacted their business and should you consider participating in an accelerator?

2.30-2.40pm Interview with David Byers, Minerals Council of Australia Deputy Chief Executive Officer METS Ignited interview platform An interview on the benefits to business of a Memorandum of Understanding between Minerals Council of Australia and METS Ignited.

3.45-4pm METS clusters in Australia: a program in the Bowen Basin METS Ignited Industry Engagement Dr Ian Dover Delegates' Lounge main stage METS Ignited and the Queensland Government are piloting a clustering program in the Bowen Basin. How have clusters worked internationally and how will it work in Queensland?

WEDNESDAY 1 November 2017

11.15-11.30am Collaboration: Universities and industry Australian Technologies Network Executive Director Renee Hindmarsh Delegates' Lounge main stage Learn about the benefits and opportunities for collaboration with ATN networks.

12.10-12.20pm Interview with Dr Peter Binks, CEO BHERT METS Ignited interview platform Learn about the Business Higher Education Round Tables, including a session held with METS Ignited earlier this year.

12.30-12.40pm Interview with Berndt Langer, Manager Competence Centre for Mining and Resources at the German Australian Chamber of Industry METS Ignited interview platform Mr Langer will discuss collaboration between German and Australian METS companies.

1.30-2pm Stimulating innovation and efficiency in METS: BASALT Living Laboratory Gekko Technical Director Sandy Gray Delegates' Lounge main stage Gekko Technical Director Sandy Gray will discuss the BASALT (Bureau Advanced Separation and Liberation Technologies) Living Laboratory.

2.10-2.20pm Interview with Gregor Brodt, Vice President Technology Scouting and Innovation - BASF METS Ignited interview platform Learn about the BASF approach to support and foster innovation nand drive entrepreneurshp along the value of raw material industries.

3.45-4pm Collaboration and industry development: A Queensland perspective Delegates' Lounge main stage The Queensland Government will provide an overview of collaboration and industry development in the sector.

THURSDAY 2 November 2017

11.15-11.30am Market Briefing: Africa Senior Trade Commissioner South Africa Kym Fullgrabe Delegates' Lounge main stage Mr Fullgrabe will provide briefing on the current trends and market opportunities in Africa.

12.10-12.20pm Interview with Dr Alberto Hensel, Minister for Mining for San Juan METS Ignited interview platform Dr Hensel will provide an overview of the Argentinian mining opportunities and challenges in the San Juan region.

1.30-2pm Collaboration and innovation: opportunities in Chile Austrade Senior Commission for Andean Latin America Shannon Powell Delegates' Lounge main stage Ms Powell will provide an overview of the key mining markets, opportunities and exciting new initiatives for METS companies to grow the innovation ecosystem.