Effective Capital Strategies

Why should you consider capital investment?

METS Ignited and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Entrepreneurs' Programme are hosting free events on growing your business by leveraging capital investment.

Australian METS company Blast Movement Technology is an example of an organisation that used a combination of equity investment and debt to build business successfully.

CEO Jacques Janse said the company did not need additional capital, but investment allowed the founders of the business to realise a cash return, while remaining involved and continuing to grow the company. Investment also brought a fresh view on strategy, and the opportunities available from effective capital management.

“Equity funding is a great opportunity to bring shareholders into the business that can share experience, knowledge and skill to deliver a strategic vision for growth beyond your own means. Investment will increase the value of the business, outweighing the negative impact of share dilution.

“Don’t just think of investment as only funding to cover working capital and growth. Think of investment as a way maximising the shareholder value and accelerating growth of the business."

Masterclass content

  • To grow effectively, you need a capital management game plan.
  • To compete with advantage, you need an innovation game plan.

Effective Capital Strategies is a pragmatic masterclass workshop for companies growing in the Australian METS sector. It focuses on pragmatic strategies and tools to develop a game plan for raising and leveraging capital, innovation and research sector engagement.

40% of SMEs who have a formal game plan predict double-digit growth

- American Express CFO Future Proofing Survey of May 2016

Key topics for the day include:

  • Capital strategies for growth
  • Preparing to raise funding
  • Investing in innovation for competitive advantage
  • Engaging with researchers for R&D leverage
  • What next and where to get help

As an aspirational masterclass the training will include ample examples of real-world METS situations, demands and needs that the participants can directly relate to.It will include successful companies who have leveraged capital raising game plans and techniques. Similarly, those who have benefited from product development plans that leveraged University led research.

Topics covered will be:

  1. Strategic Growth Game Plan
  2. Growth through Innovation
  3. Capital Strategies
  4. Taking Action

In interactive workshop-style sessions, participants will leave having worked with models and tools.In addition, they will have been directed to support areas that can help carry the work forward effectively.

By the end of the masterclass participants will:

  • understand the effective strategies for raising capital
  • have exposure to the steps in building a strategic growth game plan
  • be aware of tools and techniques to identify potential market gaps and steps to increase your company’s investment readiness
  • have used tools to identify innovation roadmaps to increase their value proposition to mining sector clients and investors
  • understand why, when, how to engage with and leverage researchers to step-change your business through innovation
  • have assessed the various options to manage and release shareholder capital in your METS business
  • a framework to articulate the business’ track record, rationalisation of current enterprise value and action plans to increase value.


Peter Rossdeutscher

Peter has extensive experience as a Non-Executive Director, Advisor, Entrepreneur and CEO.An Advisor to a range of global corporations, government, Universities and high growth businesses.Addressing the most strategic matters to grow and protect sustainable value. He has an exceptional Board level understanding of emerging trends, disruptive technologies and their impact on traditional businesses.

Peter has Extensive record as a METS and Technology Sector Leader and Advisor.He is Chairman of CSA Global and Atomic Sky, an Adjunct Professor of Strategy and Innovation for The University of Western Australia.He was formerly a Director of Austmine, Chairman of Raw Materials Group, M.D. of Intierra, CEO of Micromine and a 2017 Finalist in the METS National Champion of Innovation Award.

Greg Riebe

Greg has extensive experience in the sector with capital structuring, research-industry engagement and leadership advisory.He has honed a unique set of skills that recognizes where enabling technologies combined with highly-scalable business models can result in fundable high performance operating businesses.commenced his career with BHP and has consulted in the METS sector across corporates including Woodside and Western Mining as well METS companies such as Minnovare.

Greg focuses innovation on outcomes to stay ahead of the pack, where capital providers want to invest, to be a brand that customers want to buy, be a trading partner of choice or the place where people want to work.His deep experience includes as an investment portfolio director he is well versed in filtering, assessing and structuring METS ventures for investment &/or acquisition or divestment.He also has breadth in the sourcing of funds from capital providers, fund investors, co-investors and business owners.Greg is a mentor for CSIRO ON, a founding member of the Perth Angels and Chair of several technology companies.

Brett Savill

Brett has worked on a multitude of capital raisings as an adviser and as part of the management team. He is a former PwC partner and investment banker with long term operational expertise having held roles as Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Development Officer and Chief Executive Officer in different organizations. At PwC, he was involved with value reporting, an initiative that sought to align company reporting with the long-term drivers of company value.

Since returning to consultancy, he has helped METS Ignited on their scale-up accelerator and worked with a range of businesses in the sector as well as with the private equity and venture capital industries. Brett has an BA (Hons), MBA and Diploma from the Institute of Banking as well as being a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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