Winning More Business

Small and medium METS companies can bring benefits to both mining and global METS companies. However getting your ideas and services past the gate keepers and implemented on real projects is a significant challenge. Gaining entry to the supply chain can be a lengthy, frustrating and confusing process for newcomers to the industry.

This workshop is designed to help demystify procurement and enable METS companies to de-risk their offering to make them a more attractive business proposition for mining companies and buyers.

The METS Ignited Winning More Business Masterclass well provide access to people experienced in the METS sector procurement and supply chain processes. Also joining these experts are innovation specialists who work with companies daily helping them to take their products and services to global markets. You will leave the workshop with an action plan designed to help you attract and win more work.

Key topics for the day will include:

  • Your business, the METS sector, and METS clusters
  • Procurement and the role of risk
  • The METS value chain
  • Collaboration

During the workshop practical examples drawn from real experience will help reinforce concepts, and highlight and demonstrate achievable outcomes.

Who should attend?

This Masterclass is designed for company leaders and senior executives and all employees involved in business development, product development, design and marketing.


The Masterclass will be facilitated using a combination of METS industry experts and innovation facilitators.

Darren Thornton

Darren has 30 years of experience in applied research and commercialisation in diverse fields. He has a degree in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Queensland and started his career with the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), primarily in the fields of explosive demolition, ordnance disposal techniques, explosive entry into various structures and damage to ships from underwater explosions. He is a joint inventor of the Blast Movement Monitor and established Blast Movement Technologies. BMT's success as a high-growth SME, technology exporter and world leader in blast movement has been recognised by several state and national awards.

Sujata Karandikar

Sujata has 10+ years working within procurement functions of multinational and national companies, including Rio Tinto, Anglo American and Origin Energy, with extensive experience in business analysis and process improvement within supply chains. She has worked with large multinational companies and was responsible for the development of a 5-year ethical sourcing stragegy for an international organisation, including implementation of the 5-year program, providing internal relationship management between suppliers and senior management. Her latest roles have focused on sustainability and economic development, and how organisations can incorporate sustainability considerations within their supply chains to create value internally and externally. She is the co-founder and director of Unscrabble, a startup providing a platform to connect companies with suppliers in a transparent and ethical way. The Unscrabble team has worked with large corporate buyers and small businesses in global and local supply chains.

Cameron Johns

Cameron has over 20 years of experience within companies and assisting others to grow their businesses into globally competitive organisations. He develops strategies for meeting the rapidly changing business environment and is an execution and realignment specialist who assists companies to capitalise on new markets or ideas. Cameron has worked with Australian small business owners to global Fortune 500's and continues to work with rapidly growing companies across the world. Through his roles with Queensland Manufacturing Institute for Commercialisation he has worked on value chain and supply chain projects with over 80 technology companies, to grow these organisations to meet the needs of global supply chains. He has facilitated more than 65 commercialisation partnerships developing formal agreements and business-to-business and business-to-research contracts.

Cherie van Wensveen

Cherie brings to this project more than 20 years' experience working in the mining and resources sector, including seven years' experience in innovation and commericialisation management. Working closely with key clients, she designs systems through alignment of the innovation strategy with desired business outcomes. She has worked for Hatch, Minara Resources, BHP Billiton, Western Mining Company, Coca Cola Amatil, and Unitywater. In the last decade her roles have been particularly focused on sourcing and implementing new technologies within large mining and engineering companies, including being an advocate and liaison for METS and start-ups to engage with these organisations and enter the supply chain. Cherie has been responsible for identifying and evaluating potential innovation and investment opportunities for target companies across the globe, with a focus on the mining and engineering sector. Cherie holds a PhD in Hydrometallurgy and is a registered patent and trademarks attorney.

Kellie Dyer

Kellie has more than 17 years' experience working with large infrastructure, engineering-based organisations. This experience allowed Kellie to work with Rio-Tinto, BHP, Fortescue Metals Group and rail focused operations from around the world to deliver collaborative research-based projects. As the adoption and commercialisation manager, Kellie was required to work with various organisations to ensure operational and commercial outcomes were achieved. Kellie has diverse experience which has seen her involved in launching spin off companies and re-position and re-branding organisations. With a keen interest in business, technology and strategy, Kellie is also a certified Innovation Facilitator.

Register now

Registrations are now open for masterclasses in the following locations:

The fully catered events run from 9am - 4pm. This is a free workshop hosted by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Entrepreneur's Programme in collaboration with METS Ignited.

For more information about the program please contact METS Ignited General Manager Education and Leadership Skills, Sarah Boucaut.