Digital Disruption

Disruptive technologies are creating new opportunities for business at an unprecedented rate. Evidence shows that companies with strategies to adopt digital disruption in their industry have the potential to win more business and increase their profits.

The METS Ignited Digital Disruption Masterclass will assist METS companies to understand the landscape of data and digital disruption in mining, identify company opportunities and risks, and develop an action plan for change.

By the end of the masterclass you will:

  • understand the context of where your company is positioned today
  • be aware of the two key aspects to digital disruption: a) impact of digital disruption on the mining sector and the journey towards a "digital mine", b) the need for a METS company to evolve (strategic and operational) in anticipation of digital disruption.
  • understand what is "best in class"
  • have identified opportunities for your specific METS product/service offering in relation to the digital mining value chain
  • have identified potential growth and capability development opportunities from government programs and industry associations
  • have considered your quick wins, key outcomes and milestones for the coming 1-3 years.

Who should attend?

Implementing change requires visionary leadership. While this masterclass is designed for company leaders and senior executives, business development and technical design teams will also benefit from attending.


The masterclass will be facilitated by Mr Gavin Yeates and Mr David Yeates.

Gavin is an established mining industry executive and leader in strategy, technology and geoscience. He is a veteran of 35 years with BHP where he led the development of a global Technology strategy for the corporation and headed the global function covering technology, geoscience, engineering, operations and maintenance across all business units. He has extensive experience in exploration, projects and operations along with corporate functions. He is currently an independent Director of CRC Ore LTD., has been a member of AusIMM for more than 35 years and is currently the Melbourne Branch Secretary, was formerly a member of the Joint Ore Reserves Committee and a Director of AMIRA International Pty Ltd. He is active as a strategic advisor, thought leader to mining companies, suppliers and government institutions through his consulting practice. He is a graduate from University of Adelaide with a BSc(Hons) in Geology and Economic Geology, and a Graduate Diploma in Business from Curtin Unversity in Western Australia.

Dave Yeates is the Principal at D.Why. Dave is a multi-specialist consultant with roots in design and innovation and has had the privilege of working with some of the world's leading organisations - from start-ups, to tech titans, to banks. Before wearing a suit, Dave sent ten years as a freelance designer, moonlighting as an award-winning technology entrepreneur where he found the love for customer-centred problem solving. Dave's unique consulting practice combines his insatiable addiction to new technology and digital know-how with design thinking and strategic advisory, ensuring his clients stay innovative and ahead of the curve.

Register now

Registrations are now open for masterclasses in the following locations:

The fully catered events run from 8.15am-3.30pm. This is a free event hosted by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Entrepreneur's Programme in collaboration with METS Ignited.

For more information about the program please contact METS Ignited General Manager Education and Leadership Skills, Sarah Boucaut.