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METS Ignited at Austmine 2017

Congratulations to Austmine on the successful conference in Perth in May 2017. METS Ignited was a proud sponsor of Austmine 2017: Mining's Innovation Imperative.

METS Ignited CEO Ric Gros spoke at plenary session about leveraging partnerships to drive innovation, highlighting the importance of collaboration for success. The presentation can be downloaded here.

At the METS Ignited booth, delegates were invited to contribute their blue sky opportunities for the METS and mining sectors.

Blue sky opportunities:

  • Optimised comminution, floatation, concentration
  • In pit, connectivity and sensing
  • Not for profit, open data platform
  • Let's mine dark matter
  • Accurate block model of ore body with engineering properties before mining
  • Mining that doesn't look like mining. Invisible, "crowd-sourced" or AI driven but completely different
  • Diversification into other sectors as agri-business
  • Remote monitoring and control of mine operations i.e. digitial "mission control"
  • New CRCs in the METS sector
  • Greater research on in situ recovery of metals e.g. An, Cu, Ni, Co etc
  • Link mining to advanced manufacturing
  • Own the space for processing of seabed minerals - using our minproc capabilities (leave the mining technology to others!)
  • Lithium batter fully integrated supply industry - from the ground to an end product
  • High resolutions 3D model of mine geology without any drilling
  • The virtual miner
  • The Invisible Mine - in situ leaching
  • Sustainability in water and energy
  • 3D visualisation - virtual reality
  • Nano mining
  • At least five Australia multi-billion dollar METS companies by 2025
  • Mineral processing at the mine face
  • Mining mini trucks
  • Dominate African and South American METS market by joint company offerings
  • Linking cyber and physical security.

METS Ignited an KCA pre-conference workshop

METS Ignited and Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia jointly hosted a pre-conference workshop on 22 May.

Open to all, the Accessing Innovation workshop focused on connecting METS companies with Australia's world-class research organisations. The workshop included presentations by METS companies who had successfully collaborated with universities on research and development as well as brief summaries of opportunities from five of Australia's major universities.

The panel of provided a great discussion about key issues associated with research and development collaborations. Our thanks to panel members:

  • Mr Juan Jeffery, Yokogawa Australia Industry Manager Mining and METS
  • Mr Chris Moran, Deputy-Vice Chancellor Research Curtin University
  • Ms Alex Atkins, University of Western Australia Visiting Lecturer
  • Mr Larry Lopez, Accelerating Commercialisation, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Director