New project funding round opens

METS Ignited has opened a new round of funding to support projects that will result in significant benefits to Australia’s METS sector.

Applications are now open for the second round of the METS Ignited Project Funding.

METS Ignited Chair Ric Gros officially opened the funding round during his speech at the successful Austmine 2017 conference in Perth last week.

“Through the METS Ignited Project Fund, we are looking to drive more than $35 million worth of projects over the next two years,” Mr Gros said.

"The funding program is designed to support, encourage and fund sector-wide collaboration," he said.

"We want to see projects that involve multiple METS companies working closely with an end-user, such as a mining company, system integrator or OEM."

The METS Ignited Project Fund is provided by the Australian Government as part of its Growth Centre initiative. All government funding must be at least matched by an industry contribution.

Mr Gros said the criteria for selection was wide but it was essential that projects were collaborative and industry-led with clear commercialisation applications.

"We recognise that innovation in the mining sector is not easy," Mr Gros said.

"It is essential to understand the barriers to innovation and develop coalitions to collaboratively work to overcome the problems," he said.

"An extensive evaluation of the mining sector by METS Ignited has identified key mining challenges that may be of use to organisations considering applying for the project funds."

Mr Gros said projects could also reflect the Industry Knowledge Priorities in the METS Sector Competitiveness Plan or involve the establishment of living labs nodes or sandpits as part of the METS Ignited Living Labs Network.

“Finally, we are also keen to learn of any other blue sky, industry-led projects that have commercialisation applications that we have not identified,” he said.

The METS Ignited Project Fund can be accessed by industry via an Expression of Interest process. A template and further information is available on the METS Ignited website.