Australian business welcomes innovation leader

More than 500 members of Australia's business and government communities attended the METS Ignited innovation thought leadership seminars with international guest Dr Erkki Ormala last week.

METS Ignited was proud to host industrial innovation authority Dr Ormala from 13-17 March 2017.

Dr Ormala, Professor of Practice, Innovation Management at Aalto University Business School in Finland delivered seminars in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth as part of the METS Ignited Thought Leadership Program.

Dr Ormala is the chair of the Horizon 2020 Industrial Innovation Transition review, and Australian audiences were among the first in the world to hear the result of this study. Over 600 leading European companies across five sectors have participated in the study investigating drivers for successful innovation and its contribution to their success.

The innovation leadership lectures also featured a panel of Australia's leading figures in the METS, mining and research sectors, discussing the impact of this emerging information on the Australian METS environment.

The lectures were particularly relevant as they followed the release of a report by Innovation and Science Australia that found Australia was good at creating knowledge but less successful in transferring and applying it. To help Australian companies address this, Dr Ormala discussed his study of hundreds of innovative companies and how they have become world leaders.

Key topics

While topics ranged across Australia, common themes emerged around the importance of personnel and corporate culture in innovation, skills and education for the future workforce, commercialisation and capital investment, and intellectual property.

"It is important to understand the role of corporate culture, management processes and practices when promoting innovation in sustainable way," Dr Ormala said.

A further theme related to the challenges facing METS SMEs in the innovation space, in particular with resource deployment for innovation and new product development.

Dr Ormala said the culture of innovation has changed, citing the internet, the ecosystem game and open innovation as examples of new developments.

It was recognised during the seminars that there was evidence of emerging ecosystems within Australia where METS, mining and research institutions were driving innovation through open collaboration platforms, such as clusters.

Dr Ormala said government played an important role in promoting industrial innovation, with "a good and open dialogue between public and private playing a critical role in the future".

Our speaker

Dr Ormala is an academic, an advisor to the Finnish Government and has held global commercial roles. He has led technology and innovation development in Europe for more than 20 years.

Thought Leadership Program

The METS Ignited Thought Leadership Program is a series of industry events hosted by METS Ignited around Australia that are open to METS, miners, researchers and academics.The events will include lectures and sessions focused on capturing feedback on industry mega trends or developing future strategies.

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