Innovation and collaboration sees Core Resources and Glencore Technology named winners of the 2016 METS Ignited Collaboration Award

METS Ignited CEO, Ric Gros, congratulated the collaborative partnership between METS company Core Resources and Glencore Technology, and announced them as winners of the inaugural 2016 METS Ignited Collaboration Award at the IMARC Gala Dinner.

Australian METS company Core Resources successfully partnered with Glencore, through its technology arm Glencore Technology, to commercialise its Albion Process TM a novel technology for the processing of refractory ores, where the valuable mineral is microscopically encapsulated in non-reactive waste and is not extractable by conventional technologies.

In 2015, the partners successfully completed the installation of a benchmark Albion Process treatment plant for GeoProMining Gold LLC at its GPM Gold Project in Armenia. At this mine, the Albion Process TM increased gold recovery from 20% to >90%, ensuring a commercially viable operation, and extended the project mine life by 10 years.

Ric Gros, METS Ignited CEO said the project between Core Resources and Glencore Technology is an excellent example of business growth, new markets and export opportunities as the result of collaboration between an innovative Australian METS supplier and a global mining company.

"Companies mining gold are looking for efficient processes to treat lower grades and more complex refractory ore. The Albion Process plant turns the problem into an opportunity," said Mr Gros.

"This collaboration project between Core Resources and Glencore Technology demonstrates the value of METS and miners working together to commercialise innovative solutions for industry.

"The Albion Process has the potential for industry-wide benefits. There is potential for step change in gold processing and improved sustainable and environmental practice positively impacting on the mining company's social licence to operate.

"The ongoing partnership between Core Resources and Glencore Technology will see further collaboration in the licensing and delivery of the Albion Process.

"Collaboration within the mining innovation ecosystem underpins the continued success of the Australian METS and mining sectors. Successful industry collaboration will contribute to the acceleration of innovation and commercialisation," said Mr Gros.

The judging panel included industry experts from Austmine, Barrick, METS Ignited, Hatch, and VCI.

The METS Ignited Collaboration Award recognises successful collaborative initiatives between METS companies, miners and researchers, working together on products and solutions for mutual gain. The Award aims to foster a highly collaborative culture in the sector, essential to accelerating the rate of innovation and commercial outcomes.