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Tomcar Australia

Tomcar Australia is a diversified METS company driving to be disruptive

Tomcar Australia company co-founder and CEO, David Brim has a bold vision for his company. He wants Tomcar Australia to become a globally recognised, word-leading brand that is synonymous with cutting-edge underground mining light vehicles (LV). He also envisions Tomcar vehicles to become known as the safest and most reliable LV in the world.

Out-of-the box thinking drives this Melbourne-based company. From the way the company is structured, to applying knowledge to a new industry, and how it works with its customers, Tomcar Australia's culture is collaborative and entrepreneurial.

Someone will change the face of METS. The same thing is going to happen in the METS space as it has happened in other industries due to technology advances in the last decade, just look at Uber and Tesla as examples. Australian METS need to think disruptively.

The company which began in 2005 built a strong advanced manufacturing reputation among the defence industry as a supplier of military LVs. Consequently, Tomcar Australia was approached by a number of miners to develop a vehicle suitable for mining conditions that was more cost effective and reliable than current offerings.

As new entrants to the METS sector Tomcar Australia collaborated with Perth-based METS company, Safescape and drew from the experience of one its directors, Steven Durkin.

"For over three years we worked closely with miners to test and trial three different LV variants and worked closely with operators to develop and finalise our final prototype designs."

The result product was the May 2016 launch of Australia's first emission-free electric LV that offers miner mobility solutions, and safety and environmental benefits.Tomcar Australia collaborated with specialists and outsourced to strategic supply chain partners. Major car manufacturer, MtM is Tomcar Australia's manufacturing partner and EV technology developer, Energetique is their electric vehicle specialist partner. The Tomcar LV1 will be designed and built in Australia.

The LV1 will operate reliably in challenging environments for sustained periods. The robust vehicle will last an entire shift on one charge and offers various charging options, allowing the vehicle to be charged in as little as one hour. Its programmable digital platform provides customers with information to control the use of vehicle - an important feature where safety is paramount to mine operations. In addition, the EV-zero emissions feature removes harmful LV diesel discharges from mines which in turn reduces venting costs, saving money and improving productivity.

"The running costs will be a fraction of what miners spend at the moment on their vehicle fleet. We estimate that the operating and maintenance costs to be approximately a quarter of the current cost."

"We will trial vehicles with them in an underground mine so they get to drive and experience the product."

Tomcar Australia is looking forward to commencing production at the end of 2016. and anticipates production of approximately 100 vehicles in their first year - some destined to be shipped overseas. Tomcar Australia will then rapidly scale up and increase its global supply capacity.

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