Magotteaux: Commercialisation of pulp chemistry monitor for the mining industry

It is well known that flotation is a surface chemical phenomenon yet very few chemical parameters are routinely measured on-line in concentrators.  Magotteaux have developed an on-line pulp chemistry monitor (PCM®) that can be used to sample critical process streams and measure the pulp chemistry.  

When these measurements are linked with other data collected in the plant (i.e. throughput, particle size, feed, concentrate and tailing grades, etc.) it is possible to determine why the process is behaving the way it is, and then by pulling the right levers adjust to improve metallurgical performance. 

Measuring and knowing what the chemistry means make it possible to reduce reagent consumption, improve stability and ultimately increase concentrate grades and recoveries.  All lead to improved productivity.

METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds

The METS Ignited Project Funds is a $15.6m, four-year initiative to support, encourage and fund sector-wide collaboration. The funding is provided by the Australian Government as part of the Industry Growth Centre initiative, in alignment with METS Ignited's strategic objective to support the acceleration of innovation commercialisation.

Project Partners

  • Magotteaux
  • Hydrix
  • Manta Controls
  • Newcrest Mining

Project Funding

The total funding agreement to deliver the Magotteaux project is $566,000 METS Ignited will contribute $250,000, and the industry partners will provide $316,000

Project Outputs

  • An improved design that will deliver results in a more efficient way
  • The next generation prototype:  built, tested and ready for production
  • A number of case studies telling the story of how chemistry improved productivity