Mineral Technologies

Mineral Technologies: Automation of the Roy Hill Iron Ore Benefication plant

Mineral Technologies are collaborating with Roy Hill to automate their sample splitting process, reducing waste and providing economic returns on resources.

This project automates the gravity separation spiral process used in the mine to optimise the concentration of lower grade ore into higher value ore for export.

The increased efficiency brought into Roy Hill's operation demonstrates the importance of METS' technologies and capabilities to deliver improvements to Australia's mining sector.

METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds

The METS Ignited Project Funds is a $15.6m, four-year initiative to support, encourage and fund sector-wide collaboration. The funding is provided by the Australian Government as part of the Industry Growth Centre initiative, in alignment with METS Ignited's strategic objective to support the acceleration of innovation commercialisation.

Project Partners

  • Mineral Technologies
  • Roy Hill Ltd

Project Funding

The total funding agreement to deliver the Roy Hill project is $2,000,000 with $1,000,000 from METS Ignited, and $1,000,000 from industry partners.

Project Outputs

  • Gravity separation spiral automation
  • Higher value ore optimisation