Project Funds Round 4

The METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds are intended to drive collaboration between Australian METS companies, global suppliers, mine operators, research organisations and capital providers to support the improved productivity, competitiveness and innovative capacity of the Australian METS and mining sectors.

The fourth round of the METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds will focus on Analytics, Automation & Robotics.

Projects must be collaborative and industry-led with clear commercialisation applications that address opportunities in Analytics, Automation & Robotics applied to mining operations.  Applications for this round of funding must focus on projects that originate in Australia, have global impact, and will deliver substantial benefits to the METS sector.

Under the Project Funds program, METS Ignited is encouraging the development of projects led by a METS company collaborating with at least two other METS companies and working closely with funding from an end-user, such as a mining company, system integrator or OEM. Projects supported by researchers as subject matter experts will be highly regarded.

Industry context

The Mining industry is being disrupted with Analytics, Automation & Robotics technologies offering the greatest opportunity for gains in productivity in the near term.  The full economic, social, environmental and safety benefits of these opportunities will only materialise if a globally competitive domestic supply chain is mobilised in Australia to participate in this transition.  Unless the domestic supply chain actively participates, the opportunity to generate billions of dollars in economic, social and environmental benefits as well as thousands of jobs will be lost.

METS sector strategy

METS Ignited is undertaking a coordinated strategy to ensure Australian METS companies are fully engaged in taking advantage of this opportunity.  The four pillars of this strategy are:

  •  Strengthening collaboration between Miners, METS companies, Researchers, Educators and Communities to both innovate and implement new technologies.
  • Creating and supporting national clusters to deliver the capabilities, innovations and ongoing products and services into mining operations.
  • Enhancing the entrepreneurial system to maximise the commercial, social and environmental outcomes of innovation in Australian and global mining supply chains.
  • Boosting skills and investing in Research & Development in the niches that will provide Australian METS global advantage.

Round four of the METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds initiative is fundamental to the delivery of this strategy.


Successful projects must be led by a METS company and collaboration is interpreted as requiring the participation of at least two additional METS companies (one applicant METS company collaborating with two others) together with at least one end-user or customer that leads to a sustainable benefit for all parties.

How to apply

This funding opportunity from METS Ignited can be accessed by industry via an Expression of Interest (EOI) process. To apply, please complete the Short Proposal Application Form (below) and email to

Projects will be evaluated on their merit against alignment with the above topics and the METS Ignited Project Funds Program Guidelines (below).

Applications close on 27 September 2019.

Application Process

  1. Complete the Short Proposal Application Form (below).
  2. Email the completed template to by close of business Friday 27 September 2019.

More information

For additional information about the EOI and METS Ignited Project Funds, please read the METS Ignited Project Funds Program Guidelines or the FAQ.

For enquiries please email or telephone Peter Clarke - General Manager - Industry Engagement  on 0438 931 179.