RISE Accelerator Program

Hon Karen Andrews MP, Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology has congratulated 17 SMEs who have begun their RISE accelerator journey to accelerate innovative solutions into the mining and energy resources sectors.

RISE is a collaborative initiative of METS Ignited and NERA Industry Growth Centres, with funding and support from the Queensland Government and the Western Australian Governments, and delivery partner KPMG.

The program has been developed to spearhead innovation into industry and equip METS companies with the skills, capabilities and support to develop their innovation, win more work, and grow their businesses.

The 12-week program based out of Brisbane and Perth has attracted a mix of regional and metropolitan companies with solutions delivered into or emanating from Queensland or Western Australia.

The METS companies with solutions for the mining sector are as follows.


Compella Compression

Compella Compression have developed a coal seam gas compressor to minimise hole-wellhead pressure in order to accelerate gas production without the release of oil into the system. This compressor is designed to meet the specifications of the Coal Seam Gas industry in Queensland, which no product on the market currently does.

Connec Industrial Power

Connec designs and manufactures High Voltage (HV) power connectors made from polymer. These connectors are non-conductive and are between 25 50% lighter than the existing metal products on the market. Operators are able to achieve up to a 50% increase in operational efficiency through the quick and safe installation of these innovative HV connectors.

Gen 7 & iRoller Team

Conveyor Innovations International have designed an intelligent idler roller that automatically detects conveyer failures through their integrated iMonitor microelectronic device. The device records temperature, vibration and operational hours of conveyer systems to prevent failures and unscheduled shutdowns, minimise labour costs and reduce waste on site.

Kelly's Australia

Kelly’s Australia provides an innovative solution to the removal of rubber coatings from infrastructure in-situ through the provision of their ultra-high pressure water jetting. This service achieves cost savings for clients by preventing equipment outages and production downtime.


Magman provides a software solution which enables mine operators and contractors to accurately track the movement of explosives stock in and out of their magazines, eliminating the requirement for time consuming and ineffective paper based systems. This cloud-based solution provides a more efficient and transparent process for managing explosive stock movements and stocktakes, increasing the level of auditability to allow compliance with increasingly rigorous regulatory requirements.


Modulr Tech is a software company specialising in building data-centric pilot software projects for businesses in the natural resources industry. Their unique development service model allows companies to quickly explore and test high-value software project ideas with minimal risks and upfront costs.

Team Airconstruct

The AirConnect Assist Intelligence is a predictive maintenance platform for air-conditioning units that alerts the owner of an approaching failure. The system utilises machine learning to analyse operational data for faults and generates an appropriate work order by identifying the technical skill-set required to fix the problem.

TEAM Group

TEAM Group have developed a wireless monitoring solution that continuously assesses the condition of roller-screen beds in Coal Handling and Preparation Plants. The solution allows for the efficient planning of outages rather than reacting to unexpected stoppages, and is able to predict certain failures up to three weeks in advance.



A60N have developed a patented subsea Deposit Management System (DMS) which prevents calcareous, sedimentary and marine growth deposits from forming on oil and gas equipment interfaces. The solution allows for the most efficient management of subsea assets by ensuring equipment is changed out as planned, saving unexpected vessel use and equipment delays.

Beruseal/Carbontech Composite Systems

Beruseal have designed a Quickseal Clamp system that allows for the on-line repair of leaks with pre- manufactured sealing enclosures to prevent equipment downtime. Carbontech Composite systems have developed Revowrap, a repair solution that uses epoxy resin and carbon fibre. The product restores pipeline systems to their original design parameters in situ, and allows for the system to return to its maximum operating pressure without plant shutdown.


Chironix is a robotics, machine learning and technology SME business. Chironix has expertise in data science, software engineering, robotics and operations.

Chironix utilises a multi-disciplinary approach to provide business solutions from the intersection of humans, robots and data. Chironix identifies business challenges and facilitates a unified, holistic solution between humans and robots. Their extensive enterprise network in defence, aerospace, medical and government across Australia, the U.S. and Asia is leveraged through technology solutions in machine learning and cloud computing.


DIGATEX provides clients with market leading artificial intelligence (AI) tools, using machine learning, to help transform existing engineering data and documents into intelligent digital information. This pragmatic and affordable service provides a critical foundation stone for building and managing digital assets, complete digital replicas of physical assets. Intelligent digital replicas provide immediate positive impact on the bottom line by improving decision making, enhancing safety, enabling more automation and driving business transformation.

Gecko Telemetry

Gecko have developed a Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) for small and midcap mines that works out-of-the-box without needing any other fixed infrastructure. Through designing RTUs that are self-sufficient, scalable and readily-deployable, Gecko have created a remote monitoring and automation solution that is affordable and accessible to all.

Global Tenements

Global Tenements provides a web-based platform that helps mine operators ensure their assets are compliant with all relevant requirements to ensure their mining tenements are comprehensively protected.

Innovative Blasting Technologies

Innovative Blasting Technologies is an advanced technology company which has developed a revolutionary in-hole tool to survey blast holes in mining. Their flagship product, the Drill Hole Tracer, is capable of surveying blast holes five times faster than existing methods (MEMS Gyroscopes), with greater accuracy and at a significantly lower cost than competitors.

Innovative Blasting Technologies

Innovative Blasting Technologies is an advanced technology company which has developed a revolutionary in-hole tool to survey blast holes in mining. Their flagship product, the Drill Hole Tracer, is capable of surveying blast holes five times faster than existing methods (MEMS Gyroscopes), with greater accuracy and at a significantly lower cost than competitors.


OrwayIQ have developed MillROC (Milling Remote Optimisation Consulting) that analyses operational data in a holistic manner via a cloud-based server to identify trends and hidden relationships. This information is visualised, modelled, ad compared to a KPI dashboard to allow for continuous reporting of circuit efficiency.

Tan Ninety

Tan Ninety have developed a paperless platform for the mining and resource industry which facilitates efficient communication and collaboration between front-line personnel and management. The software also allows for automatic data collection to generate insights and predictions to inform decision-making.

Read the joint media releases about the program:


October 2018 - RISE announcement at IMARC

November 2018 - RISE program officially launches and applications open

January 2019 - RISE applications close (Thursday 31 January)

March - May 2019 - RISE 12-week intensive starts

June 2019 - RISE graduation


The program builds on the winning formula of the 2017 Igniting METS accelerator pilot, an initiative of METS Ignited and the Queensland Government, with an expanded sector focus and national footprint through collaboration with NERA and the Western Australian Government.