The Simulation Group

Analytics firm The Simulation Group provides a virtual environment which allows miners to visualise outcomes and make better decisions

The Simulation Group firmly believes that all businesses can get it right, first time.

Based on that, The Simulation Group has built a successful reputation of removing the risk of costly mistakes by mining companies by providing miners with innovative tools to help make the right decisions about their mining operations.

The Simulation Group's Managing Director, Craig Stewart, said that the mining downturn has accelerated the need for innovation and mining equipment, technology and services (METS) companies are the suppliers of these solutions. "We take the guesswork out of decisions for our customers," said Mr Stewart.

"The mining industry has been forced to look for productivity improvements and cost efficiencies and the resulting need for innovation creates a strong demand for our services."

There's a great deal of variability, uncertainty and complexity in mining, so we use modelling, optimisation and data analytics to help companies evaluate whether they are getting the maximum return on investment

"We deliver solutions that give companies confidence in its decision-making at either end of the spectrum - from how to improve production to capital expansion - and we can shift along the continuum," he explained.

When the firm started there was no real way to map business dynamics over time in the mining services sector. One of the firm's founders solved the problem with dynamic modelling, which had been used in the manufacturing sector to understand operations over time - in effect, looking into the future.

"Our clients get insights to outcomes that otherwise are too complex to visualise. In some ways, they get to make virtual mistakes and work out the right path."

The Simulation Group has worked on more than 500 projects across different industries and modelled some of the largest and most complex operations in the world. The firm has worked with tier-one miners, such as BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto along with other many companies successfully across six continents. The firm has helped one international miner make all its major capital decisions for nearly 20 years.

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